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Live at 35: Coming to a Sky Near You

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It’s not every day that you experience a live concert in an airplane, let alone at 35,000 feet in the air!  As the Official Airline of Live In The Vineyard, an event which pairs live music, food, and wine in the legendary Napa Valley, we’re bringing a taste of this amazing event right to our Customers.  We’ve introduced the official Live In The Vineyard-decaled Boeing 737 airplane into our fleet to serve as an avenue for surprise Live In The Vineyard-inspired events.  We have access to some of today’s most talented and upcoming artists in the music industry, and we’re bringing these artists to a sky near you! 

Live at 35

Earlier this month, Southwest and Live In The Vineyard kicked off the Live at 35 concert series with Susan Justice, the first of many surprise Inflight Concerts that will pop up on flights all across the country.  Our second Live at 35 Mystery Artist was Jon McLaughlin, who took to the sky Friday, March 30, on a flight from Indianapolis to Orlando. 

Wondering who our mystery artist will be?  Check out our Live In The Vineyard Spotify playlist for a clue.  Our Inflight performer will be among the list of artists on this playlist.

Check out these clues and reference our spotify playlist to guess who our next artist will be!

  • This artist is married and hails from Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • This artist has toured with Keith Urban, Maroon 5, Barenaked Ladies, Lifehouse as well as headlining his own club tour.
  • This artist released his self titled debut album in 2009, which featured five singles on the Billboard Chart.
  • This artist has a dog named Zorro.
  • This artist is 26 years old.

Take your best guess and enjoy our Live In The Vineyard playlist!

We hope to see you in the sky!

I’m a Tulane University student, and I’m currently taking a social media class. I just wanted to comment on how great your blog is. We’re learning a lot about using social media platforms to market and engage the audience, and this specific blog entry is a fantastic example. A concert in the air is a great idea, and this blog does a great job of getting the audience interested and excited!
We are huge Southwest Airlines fans!! As a matter of fact, my son, Chase Foster, is a songwriter (with Combustion Music), muti-instrumentalist, and performing artist in Nashville.. He uses your airlines to fly home and to other places he performs... He would be an amazing artist to have on your "LIVE at 35" concert series. He is currently working on his new album! Please consider featuring him... You can see some of his performances on You Tube. For contact info, please feel free to email me!!
I believe your artist is 2012 Live in the Vineyard performer Jon McLaughlin Smiley Wink
It's Jon McLaughlin! I love the line up this year, not a bad one in the bunch, have entered the contest and really, really hope to win.
Another great idea from the Southwest team. I appreciate this blog and all of the communication SW provides to customers. I have an off-topic question; I can't seem to easily find if Southwest will be flying to Hawaii anytime soon. Thanks for answering if you see this post!
I believe your artist is 2012 Live in the Vineyard performer Kris Allen Smiley Wink
I think the answer is Kris Allen
Definitely Kris Allen
I clicked the link to enter the contest and the notice says the contest is over. If that is truly the case, than how about not posting the contest link on future articles.
Those lucky passengers will hear The Vision Of Love ,Kris Allen's fantastic new single, live!
That would be Kris Allen!! I clicked on the entry link, and it says the contest is ended??
I think I am envious of whoever won that Concert in the sky from Denver to L.A. because they're lucky to be seeing Kris Allen...LIVE. Kris is an awesome performer.
Yup Kris Allen tomorrow, should be a good one!
Kris Allen
Gotta be Kris Allen!
Easy! It's Kris Allen.
Kris Allen. For sure. Lucky winner whoever it is.
Enroute from MCO to SAT right now on SWA (heading for Vegas). Wish I could be on that flight listening to Kris Allen!!
Lucky folks on that flight that are privileged to hear Kris Allen. Kris' voice is better live and in person than recorded! Wish I was on that flight!
I heard on the radio that Southwest was celebrating their 40 anniversary by arranging for inflight live music. I think that is an awesome idea!! My husband and his band are interested in performing for this program. i would like more info about it. Where can I find out about it? Anybody know more details?
I would love to see Danielle Peck ( on Southwest!! I fly a lot and she is my favorite artist ever!!! I live in Nashville and her personal assistant is my best friend so I can get you the information for her! Let me know if I can help!!! Sue Avid SW flyer & Danielle Peck Fan!