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Wanna Get Away?


One of the reasons I love watching the Super Bowl is to see the advertising.  The ads are usually pretty funny and show me a little bit about the personalities behind the companies.  The "Wanna Get Away" Southwest commercials, I think, have done a great job in capturing the fun side of our Company. I think we can all relate to the awkward and embarrassing moments, and these commercials have even worked their way into everyday conversation used to describe real life situations such as this entry in a blog by the Chicago Tribune: "His life could become a real-life version of the Southwest Airlines 'Want to get away?' ad." I've also noticed quite a few "Wanna Get Away" videos that folks have produced on various Internet video sharing sites. Very funny and very well done! 

In the spirit of showing off our Customers' creativity and for all of those "Wanna Get Away" moments that need to be told, we have a site and contest for everyone to submit and share their own video stories. Starting today, show us what you've got!  Create your own version of our "Wanna Get Away" commercial and maybe even have your moment make it to TV as a real Southwest commercial! Heck, even if you don't make it, you still might have a chance to win a vacation or airline tickets. 

Check out for details!

Someone's been reading Wired. Smiley Happy I can't wait to see the winner!
I am an MBA student at George Mason Univerisity in Fairfax, VA. I am currently taking Marketing Communications and we chose to do our team project on Southwest Airlines, particularly for your "Wanna Get Away" campaign. I have been trying to research material on your campaign and even went to look for a Harvard Business Case on the subject, with no luck. Some of the information I am looking for is: 1. What was the purpose of the "Wanna Get Away" Campaign? 2. What were the goals/objectives? 3. How did the campaign fit the existing position of the Southwest name? 4. What Marketing Communications tools were used and how did they assist in meeting the goals/objectives? Is there somewhere I can go to get this type of information? Thank you. Stacy Taylor MBA Student
Southwest should put their commercials on their website like mastercard does with their commercials. I saw one today that was hilarious- the one where the guy asks the girl to dance and starts showing off and crashes the dj table. It was great. Wanted to share with friends but I can't find it.
I've been looking for so long for the wanna get away one where the mailman shoots the basketball through the garage window in a front yard. i'm 99% sure it was a southwest ad. anyone know?
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Please have a "View Commercials" area for either this site or the southwest site. Or have your buddies over at "Idea City" put them all in one place on theirs. Thank You.
Scott That is a great idea and we do have some commercials online at However there is a legal issue on placing all f our commercials online. We only have the rights to show them on television. It would be a huge expense to secure the online rights. Brian
The best "wanna get away" commercial by far. First saw during the Green Bay Dallas game on NFL network channel. This one had me dying. It is the video game one where the two guys are holding game controllers. Don't want to ruin it for anyone, but keep will have you rolling.
Ya, the video contest is over. What a blast it was! But maybe thereÃ
Those "Wanna Get Away" Commercials are the best! Keep them coming. You should show them on the plane.
did anyone find the commercial of the mailman that breaks the window with the basketball? cant find it anywhere. I'm not sure if it is a geico or southwest but another funny commercial that I have been looking for is the one where the guy comes through his front door while reading his mail..his mail says send this letter to ten other people or you will have bad luck..the guy says whatever and throws it next to him in the trash. Right after he does that the chandelier above him falls on his head and sends him to floor motionless. that s how it ends...freakin hilarious...any know where to find any of these?
Please put the story about the school official from SDSU who emailed all the applicants that they were accepted hahaha!!!! "wanna get away?!"