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We’re Going to Hawaii, Baby!

GaryKelly Employee

I just shared with our Employees at our Spirit Party at Universal Studios: we’re going to Hawaii, baby! That’s right—the day is finally here that we can say we’re going to add some Aloha to our world-famous Hospitality, as Southwest Airlines will soon serve the Hawaiian Islands!


We intend to begin selling tickets in 2018, and while we’re not quite ready to offer our Customers specific schedule or market information, tonight’s announcement is going to be big news within the industry. Those Southwest shockwaves of our terrific value and bar-setting Customer Service will be a game-changing addition in the U.S. transpacific market.




You may have heard us purposefully changing our language ahead of tonight’s announcement to say it’s a matter of when, and not if we serve Hawaii. Why now? We need to take our Extended Operations (ETOPS) work to the next level and gain FAA certification of ETOPS-equipped aircraft in our fleet and establish required operational processes to offer our Customers nonstop service they expect from California to one of the world’s top leisure destinations. The MAX will be our Hawaii aircraft but, we’ll start with our ETOPS-equipped -800 fleet to accelerate our service launch date. The rest of the work is lined up to bring the performance enhancements of the MAX to what we intend to build into a multi-market offering among our west coast cities and the Hawaiian Islands.


Because this will be big news for the media and our Investors who have also waited for this day, we’ve also posted video of the Employee announcement on, where you’ll also be able to read our news release.


Mahalo to you all as we work to bring America’s Most Loved airline to the shores of Hawaii–and I find it fitting that’s about as far Southwest as you can go in the U.S!

Navigator TheMiddleSeat

Excellent! Can't wait to go there on Southwest!

Cruiser nsx1

Finally! But why not also fly interisland? 

Tourist ryannamba

Fantastic! Can't wait to welcome Southwest to the islands. I think you'll be a good fit here.

New Arrival scooter5971
New Arrival

Finally!!! I've been watching, waiting, and saving my mileage for over a year to fly SWA there!!! Can we go tomorrow? 


Tourist gowest84

Thank God! 


At least one flight needs to be from Phoenix so when the dreaded day Hawaiian Airlines swaps the 767 for the A330, I need a new airline to fly over there.

Tourist iCorinne

I cannot wait!  This is exciting news!!

Tourist SuzannaG

 As a LUV shareholder & frequent passenger, I'm beyond thrilled!! 

Tourist paulnochio

Yes!!! I'll be starting at the Ramp in Oakland next week and I can't wait to join this amazing company!!!!

Adventure Seeker ober7212
Adventure Seeker

737's won't make it directly from MSP. I'll say this though, add flights from MSP to the West Coast and have one-stop, same-plane service. 

Additionally, just add more cities from MSP!  Seems a stretch, though, given you are adding Hawaii to your route map and growing more in CA...eventually you just need more planes to add to MSP!

Tourist Breken17

Hawaii on SWA aloha! for sure     !4K logo.jpg

New Arrival cerra12
New Arrival

Please, please, please when you start flying to Hawaii, allow pets in the cabin to Hawaii.  We have 2 short nosed dogs which can only fly in the cabin, and when we go to LIH, we take them since we go for an extended period.  Currently, ONLY Alaska allows pets in the cabin to Hawaii.  If Southwest allows this, we would fly to Hawaii only on Southwest.  right now on Alaska we're forced to spend the night in SEA in order to make the connection to LIH.  FYI, there are  certain  additional restrictions for pet travel to Hawaii.


New Arrival Toots214
New Arrival

I am overjoyed that SW will finally be flying to Hawaii. I had heard a rumor about this a couple of years ago and have been anxiously awaiting the announcement. Now I can fly my favorite airline to my favorite vacation destination! Yippee!

Tourist clyn6

 First Turks & Caicos, now Hawaii?  SouthWest ROCKS!   Can't wait to fly now!!


MelanieGraham Employee

Hi @nsx1! We don't have anything to announce right now regarding our flight schedule but we’re evaluating all options, including exploring the marketplace for Southwest’s unique low fare/high value customer service in inter-island air service.

New Arrival jenn_abreu
New Arrival

Im thrilled to hear the news of SWA finally flying to my island paradise!! Born and raised in Hawai'i but now living in California, I hate the limited options home. I love flying on SWA!!   Mahalo 🤙🌺🤙 Jenn

New Arrival RhondaA
New Arrival

We Love Grand Cayman and Mx. but now HI. will make this adventure family from CO have even more scuba diving, beach options. We luv SWA.

New Arrival ren1957
New Arrival

I hope you folks have direct flights from Vegas to Oahu and Oahu too Vegas. Hawaiian airlines are expensive to fly direct to Hawaii and Vegas.

Tourist SWADan2018

I hope you guys get the flight service to Hawaii from San Jose International Airport (SJC),(LAX) Los Angeles International Airport,(SFO) San Francisco International Airport,(SAN) San Diego,(LAS) Las Vegas McCarran International Airport,(MDW) Chicago Midway International Airport,(PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport ,(RNO) Reno International Airport,(DEN) Denver International Airport,(ABQ) Alberqueque International Sunport,(BOI) Boise International Airport,(SLC) Salt Lake City International Airport,(CSL) Cabo San Lucas International Airport,(BWI) Baltimore Washington International Airport,(BUR) Burbank Bob Hope Airport,(DAL) Dallas/Love Field,(HOU) Houston-Hobby,(MSY) Louis Armstrong New Olreans International Airport,(ONT) Ontario California International Airport,(MCO) Orlando International Airport,(SNA) John Wanye Orange County Airport,(PDX) Portland International Airport,(GEG) Spokane International Airport,(SEA) Seattle International Airport and (STL) St.louis Lambert International Airport

Peanut Brightongal

 I want to be on the first flight to Hawaii next year! I think Southwest is the best airline there is!  Keep up the great work Southwest, your customer service is the best. Please keep adding more destinations and your loyal customers will keep on flying!




New Arrival hbbean
New Arrival

I travel to HI for work. I know, LUCKY ME! Unfortunately I haven't been able to fly my favorite airline. On the mainland I exclusively fly SWA Heart  I would add there is a huge opportunity in PHX. Hawaiian Air is a fine second place airline, but their PHX leg is a mess. Schedule, plane etc... ugh. Can't wait to see SWA spirit married with Aloha spirirt!


Tourist Tydaughtry

I would love to be able to fly southwest to Hawaii in May for my honeymoon!! 

Tourist Dani1719

With this fantastic news, my daughter and her fiancé will now be booking their flights via Southwest to their wedding in Hawaii next August!! ✈️🌸💍 Yayyy!!! 

Adventure Seeker jnbailey1021
Adventure Seeker

Best news ever!!! Hawaii here we come!! 

Peanut tb7l1963

Celebrating our 35th. wedding anniversary next year. Can’t wait to book our flight to Hawaii on SWA!!

Tourist PJPrusak

So glad that Hawaii is on the horizon!!!  Do you have an idea when scheduled flights will begin in 2018?  Thanx 

New Arrival tmgoliber
New Arrival

I’m going to Hawaii in May 2018 so I will wait as long as I can for you since you are my go to airline. Hopefully you will fly into OGG Maui... 

Tourist drivethru317

So happy to FINALLY hear the official announcement. It was always Jerry's dream to retire to Hawaii and he firmly believed that Southwest would be flying there when the time came. Sadly, he passed away last December, but his children and I are going to honor his memory by visiting the island paradise he always dreamed about. We wouldn't consider flying anyone except Southwest because we will always think of you as family.

Tourist cdunkel

I can't wait! Will we be able to use our reward points for Hawaii also?

New Arrival bkauanoe6609
New Arrival


When can I apply??

Lindsey Employee

Hi @bkauanoe6609,


For information about upcoming job opportunities, check out our Southwest Careers Discussion Board!


Tourist MarkWDoan

Yay.  Our son is stationed in HI and we haven't been able to see him for over a year!  We'll be saving our miles for sure.

New Arrival lloyd_tanaka1
New Arrival

please consider flying to and from John Wayne...Untapped market.   Also, interisland flights would be a huge plus and profitable?  Can't wait!