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Nonstop Philly to FLL?

New Arrival

Hi there! Wondering if anyone has any insight as to why there no more direct flights between FLL and PHL as of this week. Is that permanent? I really relied on these flights and I’m bummed. Let me know what you guys know! 


Re: Nonstop Philly to FLL?

Rising Star

There is still one non-stop flight from FLL to PHL on Saturday nights. On August 10 it switches to a Saturday morning schedule and back to evenings on October 5.



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Re: Nonstop Philly to FLL?

New Arrival

Thanks for the info!!!


Re: Nonstop Philly to FLL?

Active Member

The Southwest "Flight Schedules" page is also helpful if you want to see all of the flights available during any given week (the link I embedded is for the week of July 7-13 as an example). When the page loads use your web browser's search function within the page to look for "Nonstop" and you should be all set.

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