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Combining luv vouchers

New Arrival

I have several luv vouchers in increments of $25 , $100.   I need make last minute plane reservation to visit sick family member.   Last minute ticket  will cost $360 one way.  I see that limit is 2 luv vouchers per reservation.  I'm trying to combine these luv vouchers to pay for most of the fare.



Can I combine by booking a flight i.e. 125  and use vouchers close to totalling that amount and then cancel right away to receive a $125 travel credit and then combine that travel credit with another luv voucher.  Keep doing that til I get close to $360.  I understand that I will pay taxes and security fee with my credit card.  Will that work? 




Re: Combining luv vouchers

Top Contributor

Yes. Just keep in mind that travel funds are limited in use to the original passenger only. 


One benefit of what you are doing: while vouchers won't cover taxes and fees, travel funds will. When you cancel that very first flight you've booked using vouchers, choose to have the taxes and fees refunded back to the credit card you used. Then, use travel funds from that cancelled flight (and the ones going forward) to cover airfare and taxes and fees. 😉


Re: Combining luv vouchers

Rising Star

I agree with @chgoflyer. I have had several people do this without any problems. It would also work if you had a $100 voucher and you were buying a $100 ticket.