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Connection flights

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Hello all!

I will be flying to Denver from Austin, then Denver to Nashville, then Nashville to New Orleans, and then back to Austin from there. The flight I purchased from New Orleans to Austin has a change planes stop in Houston. This is my first time flying with a stop. What do I do at check-in and then after the first flight? Thank you so much in advance! 


Re: Connection flights

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@Horton234  I’m sure you will be a travel pro after your adventure concludes back in Austin. The good news is your only have to check in for your flight in Austin. You will only have to endure TSA once (unless you leave the security screened area in the terminal. 


When you get off the plane in Houston, look at the departure screen and locate what gate you are leaving from. Once you get to the gate, have your boarding pass ready. It’s actually very simple to change planes(just as long as the flights are on schedule). 


Hope you have a great trip. 


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Re: Connection flights

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Thank you so much! I think I will be a travel pro by the end of this!! Thank you again!!