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Double Stroller and Gate Check

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Hi there!


Traveling in September with my husband and my three kiddos who will be 2.5 and 1 and 1 when we travel. I have two double strollers: one is a tandem city select Baby Jogger stroller, and the other is a side-by-side Joovy stroller. I know I want to keep my stroller with me through the airport, as I'm sure my twins will need to be contained. I was wondering if there are any limits to how heavy a stroller can be to be gate checked? 


Thank you so much! Happy Travels, y'all! Smiley Happy


Re: Double Stroller and Gate Check

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Hi 5trammells!


There is no limit. Strollers of any kind can be gate checked. You'll want to make sure you get it tagged, then just leave it in the jet bridge when you board the plane. It will be there for you when you arrive on the other side. 


More info here:


Dont forget to use Family Boarding (if you don't have A Group Boarding), which happens between A and B Groups. 


Good luck!

Re: Double Stroller and Gate Check

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Thank you so much @sarahsmith!! Smiley Happy

Re: Double Stroller and Gate Check

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