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Flight: WN 769 from LAS to FLL

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I’ve called in to complain a few times and no one has gotten back to me.

I boarded my plane in Las Vegas on June 5, 2019. I boarded last and the overhead bins were full so the flight attendant said he would check my bag because there was no room in the overhead bins. I couldn’t think that fast because everyone was in a rush to take off. They grabbed my bag so I would sit down and then I realized my laptop was in my bag and it wasn’t packed tightly because I was going to use it on the flight.  When the plane landed and I got my bag, my laptop screen was shattered and the computer had a dent in it. I have called about this but no one has gotten back to me. It is brand new, I bought this computer in October 2018. I love Southwest Airlines, I’m very upset that this happened and I feel Southwest Airlines should pay for the compare to my computer screen. Please advise. Thank you in advance.


Re: Flight: WN 769 from LAS to FLL

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Sorry to hear about the damage.


Hopefully, you filed a damaged bag claim.


You might want to try e-mailing the airline. Select e-mail from the choices listed on the tip left of the contact us page


Good luck

Re: Flight: WN 769 from LAS to FLL

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I also recommend putting your request in writing.

For reference this is the link to the page to submit a suggestion or complaint:

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Re: Flight: WN 769 from LAS to FLL

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It certainly sucks that this happened and I'm sure you didn't really have time to think before the bag was being checked, but according to Southwest's contract of carriage they have no responsibility for damage to computers in checked baggage. It won't hurt ask for some compensation, but I don't believe they would be required to provide any. If you do ask I would suggest you provide a quote you've received for the cost of repair.


Here's the info from the contract of carriage:

High-Value Items Unsuitable for Checked Baggage. Carrier assumes no

responsibility for and will not be liable for money; jewelry; photographic, video, and

optical equipment; computers and other electronic equipment; computer software;

silverware and china; fragile or perishable items; liquids; precious gems and metals;

negotiable instruments; securities; business or personal documents; samples; items

intended for sale; paintings, artifacts, and other works of art; antiques; collectors’

items; unique or irreplaceable items; heirlooms; research, experimental, and

scholastic items and documents; manuscripts; furs; irreplaceable books or

publications; and similar valuables contained in carryon or Checked Baggage. For

the Passenger’s protection, these items should not be transported in or as Checked