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I was removed from a flight

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My name is Edna Norman and I am a frequent traveler with southwest. I was heading home on Sunday night to Baltimore on the 7:55P flight. As I always do I upgraded to the A group, got into the flight, put on my seatbelt, covered myself in a blanket, pit my head phones on and went to sleep.


Next thing I know I was woken up by the ticket agent, escorted out with my luggage. She proceeded to say that one of the flight attendants thinks I tripped on someone and that I was intoxicated. She proceeded to tell her that I was sleeping and she didn't care. I had to sleep at the airport because due to financial reasons I could not afford a hotel. The weather was bad so calling an Uber would have been expensive. I had to miss. Day of work which at this point I can't afford. 

It was humiliating to say the least and I felt like I was for some strange reason picked on.


Re: I was removed from a flight

Rising Star

Sorry to hear of your recent experience. 


Once travel is complete I recommend reaching out to customer relations at 855-234-4654 so they can look in to what happened on that flight. You could also send southwest a DM on Twitter and they can assist you there as well. 



Re: I was removed from a flight

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What a bizarre story! How could someone in their seat, with their seatbelt on, and half asleep with headphones on, be accused of tripping someone and being intoxicated? When did this 'tripping' someone occur, according to them? When boarding? While going to a seat?