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Left my Android phone on Flight #4470

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I'm really upset this morning, my child was sick getting off our flight from Vegas to Denver #4470, so I ended up forgetting my Android phone in the back seat pocket. The flight attendants and gate agent from my connecting flight didn't seem to have a clear way of communicating to the other gate to find my phone. I filed a lost and found report, but one flight attendant told me that she talked to someone on the other plane and they said it wasn't there. The plane my phone was on went to Columbus afterwards. I realllllly hope someone turns it in! 


Re: Left my Android phone on Flight #4470

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Use the online system to file a lost item report if you haven't already done so, it sounds like you did this which is the best step to take.


It seems like a little bit of a long shot if you don't realize the item is missing in time to have the FA check immediately and you can remember exactly which row you sat in, etc.


Good luck!



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