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Pet Fee Policy

KiranR Employee

If my dog is a service dog, do I still have to pay the pet fee? 


Re: Pet Fee Policy

Active Member

Trained Assistance Animals will not be charged. Please make sure you have proper documentation.

Hearing assistance dog

New Arrival

What constitutes "proper documentation" for a hearing assistance dog traveling in the cabin with a passenger on Southwest, please?  I've only found specific information (letter from doctor, etc.) about emotional support animals on your website.  Thank you.

Re: Pet Fee Policy/Assistance Animal

New Arrival

Hello.  I am anticipating traveling on Reward Milage.  I am Disabled.  I have a small cat as an

assistance animal.  What do I need to have?  When do I need to produce the information?

Will there be a fee.  I plan to bring the cat in a carrier.

Re: Pet Fee Policy

Retired Community Manager

Hi KiranR,


Southwest Airlines welcomes trained assistance animals accompanying a Customer with a disability on all of our flights. Except when too large to be safely accommodated, a trained assistance animal will be transported in the aircraft cabin.


For additional information about traveling with an assistance animal, visit us here.


Happy Travels!


Community Moderator


Re: Pet Fee Policy

New Arrival

 Do service dogs have to be caged the entire flight? 

Re: Pet Fee Policy

New Arrival

I'm unsure about the policy as to what size of a dog can ride, my boyfriend is fully blind and has a registered and trained guide dog, that he has previously taken on the plane with him. The dog is about 60 lbs golden retriever/yellow lab.  Will there be room to accommodate him?

Re: Pet Fee Policy

Retired Community Manager

Hi @Catalina95


Yes, we are able to accommodate your boyfriend's guide dog. When a Customer has a large service animal, we recommend that you visit with one of our Customer Service Agents at the gate and let them know you require a seat in the front row, where there's a little extra room. They will provide you a preboarding document that will allow you to get on a little early and get comfortably situated. 


Looking forward to having you onboard!