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Plastic Bin for charitable items

New Arrival

We are going to Cancun in Oct and want to bring charitable items for disabled children. The best option was a plastic storage bin but my concern is if these are allowed as checked luggage. I measured it and it’s 60.5” total so size wise I am fine and I plan to keep it under 50 lbs. will I have any issues checking these? I see cardboard boxes all the time but no plastic bins. 


Re: Plastic Bin for charitable items

Rising Star

My first thought is a plastic bin is much more likely to crack/break than a cardboard box. Checked baggage is not exactly treated delicately so think about that possibility. I believe they are allowed, but maybe not the best idea. Perhaps a cheap suitcase that could be left behind would work?




Re: Plastic Bin for charitable items

NicoleAshley Employee

That's wonderful to hear, @rpoplin. As long as the bins meet our normal size and weight criteria, they're totally fine. We look forward to welcoming you onboard next month!

Community Manager