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Sealed boxes for check-on

New Arrival

Are sealed (taped) boxes allowed as check-on baggage? I know the weight and size restrictions.


Re: Sealed boxes for check-on

Rising Star

I know that there is a baggage embargo, to include prohbitions against boxes for BZE, MBJ, NAS, SJO, refer to dates and details here (also see the notes for HAV):  


I don't see any other restrictions but your best bet is to reach out directly to Southwest (I'm a customer too) -- see options and details in the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of forum pages.  Twitter will probably get you the fastest response.


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Re: Sealed boxes for check-on

Rising Star

You certainly would not want to check an unsealed box so if your question is to tape the box or not, definitely tape it. Just as you do with a checked suitcase, ensure nothing inside the box is prohibited by TSA. Also like a suitcase, TSA will open the box if they have concerns about something.