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Stand mixer as a piece of luggage

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Hi all,

I am new to these forums, so please gently redirect me if I am not asking this in the right place, but: I would like to bring my son in Phoenix some things from parents' kitchen, including a stand mixer that weighs about 35 pounds. Originally, my husband and I had planned to road trip from Chicago, but he is not well enough to go, so I am replanning. Is there a way to take the mixer (maybe with a couple other things) as one of my checked items? What's the best way to pack it? Thanks in advance for your advice!


Re: Stand mixer as a piece of luggage

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You'd certainly be able to put it in a suitacase with some clothes or other much lighter items to keep it secured, or if you had a box for it or could make something to keep it from moving around in the suitcase too much.


Depending on the total weight if your suitacse is too big, put an empty box in there to take up space so that the mixer is not going to bounce around.


Maybe post a picture of your item in case anyone has particular suggestions about how to secure it.





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Re: Stand mixer as a piece of luggage

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Without the original box I would be tempted to carry-on the main unit packed inside a carry-on suitcase, just to avoid any possibility of it getting tossed around.  I don't know how you would pack it well enough in a checked bag to keep it from smashing all around and possibly destroying the suitcase or itself.  You could put the bowl and any attachments in the checked bag as the bowl is a bit wider than the stand and then pack the stand well enough to survive you gently carrying it on.  The only issue would be the weight and having to lift it to and from the overhead compartment.  I don't think TSA would have an issue with it going as carry-on, but give yourself a little extra time just in case if you decide to go this route.