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Stolen luggage items

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I have also had items stolen from my Southwest luggage two times now.  I assure you they will do nothing citing their own policy which is a lame excuse to leave unhappy passengers hanging.  They are polite but in reality are giving you the finger. I also have advised my company i will no longer use SW and they will remove it from our approved list for me and our other frequent travelers .  At the very least i would expect some action to catch the culprits. I expected some resolution since this is my second theft experience with SW.....but forget it they are useless and had the nerve to offer me a $75 voucher for a future flight that won't happen.  i guess that shuts up some people.  DO not use SW. While this probably happens with other airlines we need to push the issus so they take some action.  It apparently is cheaper to blow off customers rather than help us feel safe trusting them. Makes me wonder what else they scimp on.


Re: Stolen luggage items

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As said in prior posts, your problem is more likely to be with TSA who actually inspects the baggage. Southwest drops bags into the TSA queue and then picks them up and puts them on the plane. TSA actually looks in the bag and goes through them so perhaps filing a report/claim with them would be more appropriate.

This also means that flying other airlines won't shield you from the theft. 




Re: Stolen luggage items

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Since you claim your bag was stolen, did you file a police report?  I'm not sure how this is SWA's fault?  

I think it was a nice gesture to offer you $75.00 for theft that the airline was not at fault for.


The great customer service SWA delivers is exactly why the Fortune 500 company I work for has SWA as an approved airline. 

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