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traveling with siblings

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My 2 younger siblings (17&13) and i will be taking a trip soon (domestic)... will my 13 yr old brother need an ID? the 17 yr old has a school ID with his pictures so im assuming that will be okay... My mom will be signing a letter staing she is aware of them travling with me. 


thanks !


Re: traveling with siblings

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from what I experienced before I turned 18 I didn't need any ID but I had a school ID just in case. when I went through security at that age all I had to do was tell the TSA agent my age or Date of birth depending on what they asked me and I was good to go they never stopped me like when I was 17 I was tall they didn't say are you sure your not 20 they were like great and on to the next person.


Hope this helps


Re: traveling with siblings

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Hi @miranda1


The 13 year-old won't need any ID, and they'll be find to travel with you, as they are both considered Young Travelers and not Unaccompanied Minors. Have a great trip!


Re: traveling with siblings

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Thank you so much Lindsey!!

Re: traveling with siblings

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@miranda1 wrote:

Thank you so much Lindsey!!

Having the letter may ease your mind, and I've heard of other travelers bringing copies of birth certificates, but according to the guidelines you won't need those things.



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