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Beverage Service Temporarily Modified on Southwest Flights

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Blog Updated March 24, 2020, 9:55 am CT

Southwest Temporarily Suspends On-board Service

The Safety of Customers and Employees is the uncompromising priority onboard every Southwest flight. Therefore, in accordance with health officials’ recommendations to limit close public interactions during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Southwest is temporarily suspending all on-board beverage and snack services, except for canned water upon request. The change will be effective on Wednesday, March 25, and the Southwest Team truly appreciates our Customers’ understanding during these dynamic, unprecedented times.


Original Post:

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants are experts at Hospitality, and, when they have the chance, they love to spend time in the cabin getting to know Customers. So, the decision we recently made to reduce our in-flight beverage service wasn’t something we took lightly. However, since limiting close public interactions is in everyone’s best interest right now, here’s what you can temporarily expect onboard Southwest flights:


  • Short-haul flights of less than 250 miles: Beverage and snack service has been temporarily suspended on our shortest fights.

  • All Southwest flights of more than 250 miles: Effective March 18, we will temporarily modify our service procedures by offering only cans of unopened water and snacks.

Of course, Customers are always welcome to bring food or non-alcoholic drink items onboard. Plus, you can still expect lots of smiles as Flight Attendants pass through the cabin, and we’ll keep the same friendly interactions over the intercom. Our desire to deliver Southwest Hospitality will remain as strong as ever under these new conditions.

Our primary focus is supporting the well-being of everyone who travels with us, so thank you for your understanding during such an unprecedented time. We look forward to serving you the beverage of your choice in the near future!

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New Arrival

Hi! Will drink tickets still be honored after expiration date due to the Corona Virus situation?