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Going Green: Holiday Travel Tips

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Green LogoWe all LUV a good getaway, but don’t take a vacation from your green habits! Whether you’re heading home for Thanksgiving or going to an exotic locale during the holiday season, check out these quick tips to make your next escape more eco-friendly:
  • Go digital: If you like to purchase paperbacks to read inflight, consider an e-book instead.  The glue used to bind books (especially hardbacks) often makes them difficult to recycle.  If you love the feel of a real book, try shopping secondhand or swapping titles with a friend.
  • Bring your own toiletries: As tempting as is to rely on the hotel freebies, try to bring your own whenever possible.  While some hotels have started making great strides in recycling those cute, micro-sized soaps, many still have not.  If you’re concerned about saving space in your carryon, try a multi-tasking product; a concentrated castile soap can serve as your shampoo, soap, and even toothpaste!
  • Opt-in to the hotel linen conservation program: Most hotels give guests the option to save resources by opting to re-use towels and other linens.  Opt in, hang up those towels, and help save the planet.
  • Select green gifts and souvenirs: Look for locally-produced goods and support small businesses; every purchase you make has an impact!  Avoid carvings or other exotic souvenirs unless you can verify they’re made from sustainable materials.
My fellow frequent flyers, what are your green travel tips?  Let us know by commenting below.  DING!  You are now free to be Green!