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Live at 35 with Bronze Radio Return

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“Loved it!  Absolutely loved it! Fantastic!” commented Southwest Customer, Carol Aherin, after experiencing a Live at 35® concert on her flight from Denver to Minneapolis on October 11. Carol was on one of the lucky flights chosen by Southwest to receive an exclusive in-air concert from indie rock group, Bronze Radio Return.  The band performed midflight at a staggering height of 35,000 feet where they wowed Customers with acoustic arrangements of their hits, Down There and Further On. Bronze Radio Return performed a Live at 35® concert in partnership with Live In The Vineyard.  Through these events, musicians are brought on board planes to surprise and delight Customers with live inflight entertainment.  The concert is a complete surprise.  It is not until the band starts playing that Customers realize they are receiving a free concert.  It’s like winning the airline lottery; the chances of a Customer choosing that exact Live at 35® flight is more than one in 3,200. Customers like Carol appreciate being introduced to music that connects with them.  Music is something which everyone can enjoy and relate to regardless of their age, which further enhances the Southwest Experience.  Kevin Tapply smiled as he noted his son’s reaction to the music, “The baby was dancing the entire way.  He had a blast!” Southwest is proud to bring unique experiences such as Live at 35® to our Customers.  We do not want to merely get Customers from Point A to Point B—that’s boring.  We look outside the box and make traveling an experience rather than a service.  Thanks to Bronze Radio Return and Live In The Vineyard, we were able to put smiles on Customers faces that day, and we look forward to doing it again soon!

Bronze Radio Return