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Flight Cancellation

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I am booked on Southwest from Atlanta to Long Beach California on March 29, 2019.  With all the talk about Southwest mechanics cancelling flights, is it possible they could cancel my flight?

And if so, what can I do?


Re: Flight Cancellation

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Flights get canceled everyday by every airline and the overall percentage of flights that get canceled is very small. If you are unfortunate and your flight is canceled you will be rebooked onto an alternate flight. You can decide if you want to still travel or cancel your plans. You could also choose to purchase a flight on another airline, but that cost would be covered by you, not Southwest. If your flight is canceled before you are at the airport you can call Southwest or if it is canceled while you are at an airport you can discuss your options in person with a Southwest agent.



Re: Flight Cancellation

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This is slightly off topic from the original poster's question but it is amazing to me that the Southwest team is at the point where casual travelers are worried about the impact of operations/labor agreement/maintenance (you pick what to call it depending on what you think is the root cause).

I don't work for Southwest or any other airline, I'm just fascinated by the Southwest story & and business model. In my personal opinion I think they are causing avoidable brand damage.

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Re: Flight Cancellation

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Be Aware of the CANCELLATIONS.... my daughter just flews LGA on Friday back to today from MDW. BOTH FLIGHTS were cancelled. They are not being accomondating in my opinion with this take the next flight scenerio. They want to decide that for you, so know when the next flights are at. They said they were full, but we could buy tickets ont he next flight. We had to scream which in this situation shouldn't be the way this is handled.  I'm a firm believe that you try to take each circumstance as it comes and work through it, but cancelled right before the flight and lying about the next flight has made me angry with southwest. We purchase flights to get from one location to the next. How can Southwest make that easier with everything going on with them?

Re: Flight Cancellation

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Six out of my past 7 SWA flights have been cancelled or significantly delayed. My direct flight from BWI to San Diego for this morning (a trip I make frequently) was cancelled yesterday due to mechanical issues. I had to rebook, lose my EarlyBird position and travel on a later flight with a connection through Houston today. The connecting flight this afternoon was ~ 30 minutes late leaving Houston (I am not counting this flight among the six I mention above). I had planned to land in San Diego at 11:20 this morning and reach my office just after noon. Instead I am still sitting on an airplane at 5:27 PM with another hour and 15 minutes or so to go. The entire afternoon work schedule wasted.


Most of my flight reschedulings have been due to maintenance issues. What is going on SWA? This is costing me significantly in lost work time, missed meetings, and wasted business opportunities.


I understand from a conversation with Customer Care yesterday afternoon that SWA is still booking flights on the Max8 even though there is no time table for the return of this airplane. Does not seem like a wise plan. It rings a bit hollow to read this sort of post and the letter in the beginning of the SWA magazine. Just doesn't ring true anymore.


I am incredibly disappointed and since I rely on dependable flights to get me to my business destinations across the US, I am in the market for a new airline.




Re: Flight Cancellation

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We're sincerely sorry for the issues, Janice. As a peer-to-peer support forum, we aren't equipped to assist you here, but we recommend reaching out via the options in the link below.


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