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Confirmation number

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How can I get my confirmination number to see if I was check in 


Re: Confirmation number

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I would reach out to southwest reservations at 800 IFLY SWA (435-9792) and they should be able to help look up the reservation and tell you if it is checked in or not 


Hope this helps 


Re: Confirmation number

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Did you buy EarlyBird Check-In? If not, you'll need to check yourself in manually. To do so, you'll need the confirmation number. Do you have a Rapid Rewards account? Are you enrolled on the Southwest website? If so you can check there for the number, and if necessary check yourself in.


If not, search your email for the confirmation message you received when you booked -- it contains the confirmation number. Or check the account of the credit card you used to make the purchase -- it may contain the ticket number (in the description line for the purchase). 


If you call, you'll need the flight information (date, origin and destination) in order for the phone rep to help find your reservation.


Good luck!

Re: Confirmation number

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@Shaneydior25 wrote:

How can I get my confirmination number to see if I was check in 

You'll probably have figured this out already, but it is the six-digit (letters and numbers) code that was on your confirmation email when you purhcased the ticket, if you have that email from Southwest the confirmation number will be on there.





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