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Early Bird Check In Pricing Bait & Switch?

New Arrival

Booked my flight today and went to add Early Bird Check-In (which has always been $15 each way).  Now SWA is doing some bait and switch on their website saying (*$15-$25).  When you go to book the check-in, it's actually $20 each way.  [See screenshots]

This seems misleading and is a cruddy experience to be surprised by pricing.







Re: Early Bird Check In Pricing Bait & Switch?

Rising Star

It can range between $15 and $25 depending on the flght.


Besides, $20 is in that range , so how is this bait and switch?


If you dont like it, then don't buy it, and pocket the savings. Just be sure to check yourself in.


Prices on everything go up. 20 year ago, I bought a Ford Explorer for $20k. I looked at a 2019 Explorer on Saturday -- price $46k.

Re: Early Bird Check In Pricing Bait & Switch?

Rising Star

The price for Early Bird went up in August of 2018. Heck when Early Bird first came out is was $10 each way then $12.50 followed by $15 and now the between $15-$25. Wouldn’t surprise me if the price went up again in the next year or 2.