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Early Bird Reservation vs. Booking Date

New Arrival



I understand that Early Bird Check In positions are assigned in order of booking.  Just wondering if that position is tied to when the original reservation was made or the final booking.  For example, I booked a ticket for MCO on Sept 26. for an April flight.  I changed the reservation on Nov. 14 for a ticket to LAX.  Does the early bird assignment follow the original reservation (Sept. 26) or the final booking (Nov.14)?  Any help would be appreciated!  Thank you!!  




Re: Early Bird Reservation vs. Booking Date

Rising Star

While no official documentation has been released by Southwest, my understanding is that when you changed the flight from MCO to LAX you moved to a completely different flight and thus move to the current "end of the line" for the LAX flight based on booking that flight Nov 14. Again, no solid proof of this and it's impossible to know what position you are in. At least EarlyBird transfers when changing a flight and isn't lost like when canceling and rebooking.



Re: Early Bird Reservation vs. Booking Date

Active Member

This is a great question! I don't have an official answer, but my guess would be if you change your flight from A to B, your early bird will be applicable on the date you booked flight B, not the date you booked flight A (since flight B has no connection to flight A).



Re: Early Bird Reservation vs. Booking Date

NicoleAshley Employee

Great question, @CK_PIT! While your EarlyBird is guaranteed on the new flight as long as the change is made prior to 36 hours of departure, we don't share details of the assignment process externally. 

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