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New Arrival

Super Abridged Version:
Southwest pilot went above and beyond for me to return my wallet. He is awesome and everyone should know how great he is.
Full Story:
I am a die hard fan of Southwest and have been for many years. Given the choice I fly with you guys because the employees are always committed to fun and outrageousness. I did not know that they were just as committed to being AMAZING human beings, until yesterday.
Let me set the scene. I was flying with a different company, much to my dismay, and landed at the Indianapolis Airport. It was not the pleasant experience I was used to with Southwest so as I was getting off the flight I was vowing never to go elsewhere. I discovered my suitcase handle was broken during the flight so I was lugging it along, trying to call an uber, and rummaging around in my wallet to get everything that I needed to get done handled.
Finally, my Uber arrived. I wrestled my bag into the car, and settled in a bit sweaty and worn out from a long day of traveling. At some point my phone buzzed with a LinkedIn message. It was from a pilot with Southwest, stating that he had found my wallet at the Indianapolis Airport and wanted to make sure I got it back. Panic set it, as I began checking my pockets in vain for the missing wallet containing my ID, credit cards, cash and health insurance card. I realized quickly that it must have worked its way out of my pocket while wrestling with my broken suitcase. Once the panic faded, I contacted him for its safe return feeling very embarrassed and grateful all at the same time.
Mr. Kyle Kinzer was nothing short of a gentleman; He was accommodating, kind and understanding. Not only did he find my wallet, he searched me on social media, and then waited for me to pick up my car to retrieve my wallet from him. Most people would not have done any one of the things that he did, let alone all three, especially after a long day at work (it was around 8:40 pm when I could finally get to pick it up!). I not only got my wallet back, but also a beautiful experience of human kindness; something that refreshed my belief in the goodness of people. I have attached the LinkedIn message as proof and a silly picture of me and the run-away wallet. IMG_7592.jpegScreen Shot 2019-05-28 at 7.36.17 PM.png



Lindsey Employee

What a fantastic story, @kristinarate. Thank you for posting - no question we've got the very best Customers AND Employees in the biz. 


Community Manager
The Southwest Airlines Community