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Customer Service

New Arrival

I have been an A list preferred customer and huge supporter of SWA for 35 years. I think Herb was a genius and the only CEO in the industry that truly understood customer service and how important it is to the long term health of any business. He had the unique ability to hire competent and friendly employees at all levels and empower them to  make good decisions for the Company and the customers.

I am sad to say that in the last two months, things seem to have changed dramatically for the worse. Canceled or delayed flights with no good explanation, unfriendly gate agents who could care less, standby lists that don’t roll to the next flight, etc. etc.  I sincerely hope that someone can turn it around, but for now I feel like I’m flying AA, which I gave up years ago.  


Re: Customer Service

Rising Star



I’m sorry to hear you feel things have been going downhill lately I know delays and cancellations are not fun and the occasional unfriendly gate agent doesn’t help either. 


Have you tried sending Southwet an email letting them know how you feel? If not I would just write them a message by clicking on the contact us link at the bottom of the page and just tell them what’s let you down and someone will respond as soon as they can. You could also send a letter to the address on that page as well. 


Hopefully things will turn around for you soon!