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Service dog

New Arrival

So my wife has a trained service dog which is a larger labradoodle.  I keep seeing a lot of contradicting information concerning whether or not I need to buy an additional seat for him.  He is trained and flies exceptionally well. Sleeps from take off and touch down. But the website says that if he cant fit in front of my wife without intruding on someone sitting next to her we will probably have to buy him a ticket. I was wondering if that is true and if me and my wife flies and he stays (which he can stay between us two on the floor Just fine, he doesnt intrude anyone sitting in the 3ed seat) do we still have to buy him a ticket? We haven't flown in ages because of this looming issue. We are planning on potentially flying to st Louis from denver and back from the same airports. 


Re: Service dog

Rising Star

You shouldn't need to buy a seat.  Be sure to tell the gate agent you need early boarding and then take a bulkhead (row 1) seat. There's more than enough room there for you and your pup.