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Onboard WiFi “internal error” at payment screen

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I see others experiencing this issue but no resolution.  I’ve never had this problem before but recently if the payment screen I get an internal error message and it will not process payment. And now happens on all my devices. Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I’ve tried clearing the cache and everything else. I love Chip and Joanne Gains but cannot watch another episode of Fixer Upper...


Re: Onboard WiFi “internal error” at payment screen

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Having this issue almost all of the time now.  I have to keep trying.  Not working well.

Re: Onboard WiFi “internal error” at payment screen

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I experience this error all the time.


I signed up for this discussion board to research if anyone else is experiencing the problem and has solved it. 


To try something different for next time, I signed up for Visa Checkout with the Stay Signed In option on my phone.

Re: Onboard WiFi “internal error” at payment screen

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@MareLuce @Edoublenaoh,


I know, I know, everyone else had the same experience like you do. I have previously had the same problem like you do. The last flight I flew out, I bought a dvd for watching while on flight using my laptop. 


You can contact the SWA number at (214) 792-4000, or 1 (800) 435-9792 to let them know of the situations that you are experiencing. I don't think they will ever get this fixed. I was thinking about using my cell phone as a router, so I can connects in the near future. 😊🤦‍♂️🛩🛫🛬💺

Re: Onboard WiFi “internal error” at payment screen

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Mind if I hop in?


When this error occurs, did you try the in-flight support option? Or chat if it's available?



Safe travels,

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Re: Onboard WiFi “internal error” at payment screen

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I have had the same problem on SW and other airlines.  I have learned that if I wait a bit the system works,  I think the small band width to the ground link is limited and can only handle a few connections at a time.  I have been flying so long that I remember when airphones (yes we talked to people on the ground on those things) could only connect one caller on the plane at a time.