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Global Entry to replace TsaPre

New Arrival

Global Entry is a substitute at domestic check in as well as fast tracking on international returns

There seems to be no place to enter a Global Entry number on my SWA member account.

When my TsaPre expires I do not plan on renewing as G.E. will substitute.  Time to change the reservation forms?


Re: Global Entry to replace TsaPre

Rising Star

no problem...



What is a Known Traveler Number?

A Known Traveler Number, also called your “KTN,” is a 9-digit number used to link your TSA Pre-Check enrollment to your travel itinerary. This is the same number used for other trusted traveler programs, such as Global Entry, NEXUS, and SENTRI. However, for these latter programs, this number is known as your “PASSID.”

Re: Global Entry to replace TsaPre

Top Contributor

Global Entry includes access to TSAPre. Once you receive your Global Entry number, update the "Known Traveler Number" in your Southwest account online using your new GE number.


You may need to contact Southwest in order to have any existing reservations updated to reflect the new GE number. (Although this is less important if those flights are domestic and are scheduled prior to the expiration of your TSAPre, as that KTN should carry over.)