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Companion pass and existing reward points

New Arrival

I have 40,000 reward points from travel flights. My wife has 16,000 points from travel.

We have separate account numbers. I am working towards the companion fare bonus.

Can I use the existing points to help achieve the companion pass. Would it be best to transfer my wife's points into my account.

Thanks for any suggestions.



Re: Companion pass and existing reward points

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You don't "buy" or "spend" points to earn Companion Pass, you just need to earn the required Rapid Rewards points in a single calendar year, January 1 through December 31.  Only some points are Companion Pass qualifying points, transferred points do not qualify.  You can read more about qualifying points here:

You can also view your progress towards earning Companion Pass under My Account on



Re: Companion pass and existing reward points

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I'll also add that there is a fee to transfer points, I personally wouldn't do it. You can book rewards flights for anyone using your points, it does not need to be for your own travel.

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Re: Companion pass and existing reward points

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Short answer, no.  As one of the most valuable perks in the industry, there are strict rules around what qualifies and how to qualify.

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