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Bringing Batteries to Mexico

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I'm confused about bringing batteries on an international flight, particularly Cozumel and Cancun, Mexico (from the USA).  I have read that they are OK if inside my carry-on luggage but not if they are in a checked bag.  On domestic flights I was under the impression that they must NOT be in a carry-on but must be checked.  Which is it and is it different for Cozumel than other airports?


The batteries in question are (usually) AA alkaline batteries for use in my underwater flashlights.  I bring along extra batteries in an unopened package.  I also have a small (900 mAh) Lithium Ion battery in my underwater video camera.  My understanding is that this is allowed as long as it is inside the camera and inside my carry-on luggage.  Is this correct?  I have also read that I may not bring an extra battery that is outside of the camera.  Is this also correct?


So far nobody has questioned me about my batteries but I do want to make sure that I am abiding by the rules.  Would the same rules apply to Belize and other Caribbean countries?


I realize that you don't currently fly to Cozumel but hopefully you will soon!


Thank you.


Re: Bringing Batteries to Mexico

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Have you taken a look at this.


Click on Batteries!

Re: Bringing Batteries to Mexico

New Arrival

Thank you for the reply and link Smiley Happy


It says that small lithium batteries are permitted in carry-on but are forbidden in checked bags.  I have read that the opposite is true in Mexico but that was on a forum and anyone can say anything.  


Re: Bringing Batteries to Mexico

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I have it down if anyone needs help