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STL to BDL nonstop discontinued

New Arrival

My family and I frequently travel from STL to BDL for family. (3-4x a year). I was just looking to start planning some upcoming trips (May, July, and October!!) and I can no longer find a direct flight as an option??! Has this been discontinued??! With 2 toddlers this was the only flight we take as I always fly by myself with them (hubby’s job doesn’t allow for him to join us)


Re: STL to BDL nonstop discontinued

Rising Star

So I did some research and I do see that in May they have 1 non stop on Sundays only. I see for the return there are days with a 1 stop no change of planes. 


In July I am seeing a non stop Monday-Saturday. 


And tickets aren't on sale for October yet so I’m not sure what the schedule will be.


Hope this helps!