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Application Assistance Request

New Arrival

Good Evening,

Yesterday, I began my application for the Customer Service Agent position in BUR (Job ID 32011). I left it as incomplete to update my resume prior to upload. Today, I used the link recieved by email to access the incomplete application and upload my resume. The upload was successful. However, under "past job submittals" I am not seeing the status updated to "complete", nor does the "last update" reflect today's date. It reflects yesterday's date. Yesterday's recieved email stated I had 24 hours to complete the application, making the deadline 11/09/2019 at 11:05pm. It is now 6:16pm. I no longer see the job listing as available and the "past job submittals" only provides an option to withdraw the application. Who may I contact to be sure my application and resume were recieved please?

Your anticipated assistance is appreciated.
Thank  you.

Selina Curtis


Re: Application Assistance Request

Rising Star

You could try reaching out to They deal with technical problems with the application process so I suggest sending them a screen shot and maybe they can assist.


hope this helps


Re: Application Assistance Request

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Thank you. I will do that.

Re: Application Assistance Request

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@cececurtis  just to add to what @bec102896 suggested, you can also check out the FAQ page on the SWA career site:


Good luck! 

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