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Application status

New Arrival

Hi my name is jb and i applied for provisioning agent here in las vegas nv i just want to know if theres any way that i can ask if theres an update regarding my application? When i check my status it says requisition cancelled. So is that mean i didn't get the job? Thank you.


Re: Application status

KelbyTansey Employee

Hi @Jbagstn,


Unfortunately, the "requisition cancelled" status means that we will no longer be hiring for that particular position. Hiring needs could change for many reasons, most often being a change in operational need. We appreciate your interest in working with Southwest Airlines and apologize for any inconvenience. We hope to see your application if this position opens again!


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Re: Application status

New Arrival

Hi Kelby,


Thank you for the response on "requisition cancelled".  I've applied for several positions with SW in the Dallas area and haven't had the opportunity to interview.  I have an MBA in business management and a Marketing degree.  Do you have any advice on how I could make my profile or resume more attractive to HR for Southwest?  Add a photo to show how good looking I am?  JK

Re: Application status

Active Member

@awatson3  have you thought about hiring a professional recruiter through LinkedIn? I have heard great results from those who have used one. 

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