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FA hiring

New Arrival


I was wondering if there would be any hiring for SWA Flight Attendants in 2019. I know the last hiring window was Feb 2018 and was curious if it may be time again for external hiring. 


Re: FA hiring

ChristinaAyala Employee

Hi there @Dgreen5928,


Thanks for your continued interest in being a Flight Attendant at Southwest Airlines! And, we appreciate you hanging in there.  Although we do not yet have a specific timeline for the next posting of the Flight Attendant position, you can join our Talent Community or sign up for Job Notifications to be notified the next time this position is available. You can also keep checking the Flight Attendant Career portal here. We hope to see your application in the future!


Best wishes,

Christina Ayala, Southwest Careers Moderator
The Southwest Community

Re: FA hiring

New Arrival

Thank you so much!

Re: FA hiring

Active Member



There is no way of knowing, believe me, there are many applicants like me are trying and I got turned down and they courage me to continue to look for something else on the SWA job board.


If you applied and got turned down, you will have to wait for 12 months in order for you to re-apply for the job with SWA. 


Best of luck.

Re: FA hiring

New Arrival

Thank you!