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Hot Job: Emerging Leader Development Program (ELDP)

KelbyTansey Employee

Want to get in on the action of the Southwest Airlines day-to-day operation? Considering applying today for our Emerging Leader Development Program (ELDP)!


The Emerging Leader Development Program (ELDP) is an intense, fast-paced, job rotational program that seeks to train and develop excellent Leaders for Southwest Airlines. Participants are placed anywhere in the Southwest system for 18-months of on-the-job training in a Leadership role, as well as Leadership training at Headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Upon successful completion of the program, participants are placed in a Leadership role anywhere in the Southwest system, based on business need. 


The ELDP Team is looking for individuals who have strong Leadership potential and demonstrate an ability to lead among their peers, as well as a desire to learn and grow as part of the Southwest Family. Participants should be willing and able to relocate anywhere in the Southwest system for the duration of the program, and again upon completion of the program.


Want to learn more about the program? Checkout this video to see some of our participants in action! 


Ready to submit your application? Click here to apply today!


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Re: Hot Job: Emerging Leader Development Program (ELDP)

New Arrival
Happy Thursday! I've noticed that the program began accepting applications this past Sunday and I've applied.
I was looking for information on what type of candidate is a great fit for this program,  thank you for providing that here.
Is there a timeline you can provide for when we can expect to hear back from program management with interview information?
Thank you!

Re: Hot Job: Emerging Leader Development Program (ELDP)

New Arrival

I am so excited to have submitted my application this morning. I heard abouth the ELDP program through my cousin sorority sister, who currently works for the Southwest corprate office here in Dallas, TX.  I have been through so many streams of work enviorments and holding diffrent positions, I was tired and knew I was ready and destined for more, I know working with Southwest is my destiny I this program will take me to places I've only dreamed to fulfill my passions. 


THANK YOU Southwest for developing these programs for the world to aspir. 





Re: Hot Job: Emerging Leader Development Program (ELDP)

New Arrival

Good morning.

I have applied for the ELDP and am inquiring on the estimated timeframe for notification of acceptance into the program.


Thank you.


M. Modling