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Resume attachment

New Arrival

I applied for the Midland Customer Service position which posted January 25 and uploaded a resume. I quickly found the resume I uploaded was incomplete and reloaded the final resume. How can I verify that you all reviewed the correct resume?


Re: Resume attachment

Active Member

@Cywillia below is what I found on SWA’s career FAQ page:


Can I call or email someone regarding the status of a submitted application?

We love that you’re excited to hear from Southwest. Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide individual updates; however, your application status is on your dashboard. Once we’ve filled the position, the job status will change to “closed.” “Under Review” means we’re still in the process of reviewing candidates. Please be assured all applications submitted online are carefully reviewed by our Recruiting Team, but we do receive a high volume of applications. Only the most competitive applicants will be contacted for an interview. 


You can also check out the FAQ’s by clicking on the link below:


Unfortunately, you will more than likely have to wait it out and see if you get contacted for an interview. 


Good luck to you! 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion