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Southwest Airlines Flight Proposal Song


A message from Harold who wrote the song...

I was flying home to LA after performing in Kansas City, when a little while after take off the flight attendant asked Ryan & Ashley to please come up front. Ryan got down on one knee and proposed & everyone started cheering. So when the flight attended came by I stopped her and told her that I'm a professional musician & I specialize in improv & custom songs & that I had my guitar w/ me--& that if she thought it was appropriate I could create a song for the newly betrothed couple & sing it to them. So she conspired to have the couple's friends surreptitiously pass up some info to me on scrap paper & napkins. In about 15 minutes or so I pressed the call button & told her I was ready & she said why don't you come up front & sing it over the microphone. Fortunately Ben was sitting in front with his new iPhone, captured the whole thing & put it on YouTube. I still have the scraps of paper & a nice note from Ryan & Ashley and some nice memories of flight 3267 last Sept. 19th on my favorite airline--Southwest. Thanks for letting us bring out guitars on! Harold Payne
Maybe this should be a regular service at Southwest! Memorable.... once in a lifetime moment!
Now that was quick thinking! & what a cool memory for the couple.
How cool is that! Only on our beloved Southwest does such a cool thing happen. It proves what I have always known that amazing, talented people are sitting in those seats on every SWA flight. Kudos once again to the great flight attendants who let us let our hair down and celebrate in style. Best wishes to you, Ryan and Ashley. Harold, please keep the music coming...what a great gift to us all.
wedding singer on south west..cant get better then that on a plane......that singer/songwriter is awesome!!! what is his name? Smiley Happy
VERY COOL! I wish I had been on that flight to share the LUV.
Thanks you SO much Harold! Ryan & I were so touched that you wrote that for us and will always have that memory! Southwest is the best! We shared so much LUV that day... what a great proposal Smiley Happy ... And thank you Southwest for helping in the plans!
I've known Harold Payne for quite awhile -- absolutely amazing & talented man! He composed a song for my in-laws"' "160th Birthday Party" (He was 81 she was 79), and the song was the absolute hit of the entire family reunion -- half were laughing their heads off, the other half were crying -- all based on little tidbits of information that we sent Harold a week before. Handed out copies of the lyrics and a CD with the song, and I'm pretty sure everyone of the 50+ attendees still treasure it as a keepsake! Made me a hero at the family reunion -- thanks Harold!!
Hi Harold!!! -- what fun to see you out there kickin up some dust! I really enjoyed getting to meet you and hang out a little in California way back . . . still remember your awesome music and your even awesomer graciousness. Hugs to you, dear friend. - Shashi Light
PS -- Congrats to Ashley and Ryan. So cool to have the guts to do that in front of everyone. Many years of bliss to you 2! - Shashi Light
Harold--Helen forwarded this to me. Loved the video. You've always been so sweet, thoughtful and talented--how nice of Southwest to showcase this and what a priceless gift for Ashley and Ryan. Congratulations to all!
What an amazing video and moment! Harold Payne, you are phenomenal. Congratulations to Ryan and Ashley.
Harold Payne is the most amazing musician I've ever known! He brings so much heart and humanity to everything he does...every song he writes...and to think that in 15 minutes, he created this masterpiece for the young couple who could never have known that a flight on southwest would be so amazingly memorable! are my hero!!
Harold is an absolute talent. He wrote me a wonderful song that we cherish. Check out his website
That is so perfect. Something they won't forget ever and a story to be told for a very long time.