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No more SNA flights?

New Arrival

I fly ALB-SNA several times a year to see a client, then on to SFO. When I signed on to book for January 2019 my preferred itinerary had been eliminated. Southwest no longer sells a ALB-SNA ticket in any form though I suppose I could buy two separate tickets and take my chances with connections.


And, there are no longer any SNA-SFO direct flights. Traveling on SWA now is a several hour affair unless you go to OAK and take Air BART which adds 30-60 minutes to the trip.


How can I complain to SWA about this and get support for restoring the SNA itineraries? (I am new to this forum and seeking direction as well as direct answers.) Have they closed their terminal there? I guess I will find out next week when I arrive SNA via United.


Re: No more SNA flights?

Rising Star

Sorry to hear your preferred route is being cut. Airlines change schedules often and sometimes it benefits a group and other times it doesn't. The best thing you can do is send Southwest an email from the contact us link at the bottom of the page that way they can hear that you want that route. You could also message Southwest on Twitter or Facebook that way they can pass on your route feedback 


I did some checking on your route and notice they do have some Sunday only flights in March and in April it looks like they have daily service again between ALB and SNA (with connections) so it may be just a seasonal route or a route where there are no connections during a part of the schedule. 


About the booking 2 separate flights you could book a reservation like ALB-OAK-SNA or ALB-MDW-SNA. you can book that on one reservation but it would have several stops based on my research and it would be like paying for 2 airline tickets to get there which can be costly.


I would just look at different places you can get to from ALB and allow 45min or longer for a connection and then book from the connection city to SNA (this would be a point to point booking A-B B-C) 


Hope this helps 



Re: No more SNA flights?

New Arrival

To every SFO and SNA flyer....let's make this a real request. There is ample demand for this route and it is a real shame that there are 12 flights SNA-SJC and no flights to SNA-SFO.   #bringbackSFOtoSNA !!!! Let's Tweet and Tweet....