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Extremely high wait for customer assistance

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I have been on the phone waiting for over an hour and STILL have no assistance for Southwest’s last minute cancellation of a flight. How can this be addressed? I had to find elaborate means, such as this sight, just to have some contact with Southwest! This is absolutely ridiculous and disappointing. I had to end the call because no one is responding or picking up.


This is a snapshot of the unresponsive call


Re: Extremely high wait for customer assistance

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I don't know if this helps you now but additional options include chat within the Southwest app (click the top left menu button from within the app and scroll down) and Twitter (@Southwestair).

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Re: Extremely high wait for customer assistance

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I second the live chat option for quick help.


Note that weather in TX yesterday cause significant flight disruptions. There are likely many folks who need help, resulting in the longer wait time.

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