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Re: Power - GET with the program

New Arrival

I have flown SWA and prefer it because I travel Business Select sonI don’t worry about luggage issues.  I need power and have started to fly AA more for that reason.  


I love the service and flexibility and am hoping you find a way to retrofit the planes for power soon.  I would pay more if that option was available.  

Re: Power

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Was very concerned on  recent flight back from Florida. As an ashmatic, I am always concerned when there are animals ,which I am allergic to, on the plane. seeing a number in line as we boarded, I asked the flight attendent if therew was a place I could use a nebulizer if it became neccessary and was told there was no access to AC on Southwest planes. Is this true? This is concerning and makes me question my upcoming trip on Southwest.




Re: Power

NicoleAshley Employee

Hi Laurie, Customers who need to use a nebulizer can do so if they have a battery-operated model with sufficient battery life since we do not have electric outlets onboard. We are also more than happy to help you find a seat as far away from the animal as possible so as to minimize exposure. It would be our pleasure to welcome you onboard a Southwest flight soon.   

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Re: Power

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I have flown AA recently too due to some routes that I had to take that were direct and cheaper than WN.  The new AA seats are really nice and I do like the power but I did read that AA is eliminating the monitors as most people have devices (WN was ahead of the curve on this!) and is reducing seat pitch in many rows.


Would be nice to get power at some point on WN but not a showstopper.

Re: Power

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In-seat power is nice and all, but what I have found is that the hardware needed to support this function is not exactly tiny. Guess where it's placed? Under the seats, and this means less room for your feet and your personal carry on item. Some AA/United flights, I've been forced to palce my laptop bag in the over head bin becasue it wouldn't fit under the seat thanks to the power supply hardware.

Re: Power

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I'll chime in here as well...  I LUV southwest, but this is definately a downside.  I do travel with a USB brick, but that only helps a phone/tablet, not a laptop.  Even so, a USB charging port would be useful, if you can't get the full A/C plug.  Some airlines put them in between the seats (2 per row, not 3), and only every other or every third row.  If you want or need it, you can find a seat that has it.

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In-seat power just isn't going to happen on Southwest. They spent millions on retrofitting all the planes with new seats (Evolve) which added an extra row and reduced legroom. They could have added it then, but they didn't. They can't justify the extra weight without corresponding increase in revenue (extra seats = more money, adding power = less money). The bottom line drives all decisions these days.


Not gonna happen.

Re: Power

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Great comments... and I have just transitioned from American to Southwest, which I LUV!  That said, you're right about the new planes and power.  My main concern is the quality and bandwith on SWA compared to Gogo on AA.  Gogo enabled me to accomplish much more (when it worked) because I believe it had way better bandwidth... I need to work on my flights and the internet on Southwest needs more work.


Thanks for listening.

Re: Power

New Arrival

I flew American Airlines from STL to DCA the week after Memorial Day.
The coach seats were nicer than Southwest, for sure.
The plane actually boarded promptly and took off on time, something that almost never happens with Southwest.

And I checked a bag on my return trip.  By the time I walked off the plane and got to the baggage claim carousel, the bag was there!  I was stunned.

When I check a bag with Southwest, I always have to wait 25+ minutes for the checked bags to arrive.  Southwest does a terrible job with checked baggage.

Re: Power

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I too would like to see this happen. It's so crazy--usually the gates don't have enough seats with power, so everyone is going nuts trying to charge in the terminal but *on the flight*, it's nice to have that option. I also thought about passengers who don't have devices--my mom and grandma, for example, don't have iPads, and mom doesn't like to watch things on her phone. If there were even monitors on the seatbacks, then people could at least have entertainment options if they don't have iPads/other devices or if their batteries die.