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Dallas Love Field Gates: What’s Love Got to do with it? Everything!

LindaRutherford Employee Rank
Southwest Airlines has requested two additional gates at Dallas Love Field to provide our hometown with more service, more destinations, and more LUV!  Get the facts on Love Field gates and learn what Southwest’s proposal means for Dallas. The allocation of these gates is important to the economic success of the City. Dallas’ own independent economic study concludes Southwest’s plan is the most attractive option. Southwest’s plan triples the service other carriers are proposing with use of the same two gates, generating the greatest benefit for Dallas taxpayers, businesses, and consumers. SWA_VirginInfographic_0414_06a We agree competition is great for everyone!  As you can see from the image below, we compete against a variety of strong carriers in the DAL/DFW market. The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex is a single aviation market served by two airports just 15 miles apart—DFW International Airport and Dallas Love Field. Southwest Airlines competes with just 9 percent of total gates available in the market. Under the compromise that ends the Wright Amendment, Southwest can expand in this market only by adding flights at Love Field. SWA_VirginInfographic_0414_06b Our LUV story with Dallas and its residents is 43 years strong, and we believe the gates should go to the carrier with the best plan for the city and a steadfast commitment to Dallas.  SWA_VirginInfographic_0414_06c These two gates should be assigned to the carrier that can provide the most value and highest return for North Texans who fly— Dallas-born, Dallas-based, Dallas-invested Southwest Airlines. With the Southwest plan, the real winner is Dallas. SWA_BlogButton  
In the compromise that ends the Wright Amendment does not prevent Southwest from expanding service in the DAL and DFW single air service market. Southwest can expand at DFW anytime it wants. Southwest will have to give up gates at DAL if they do. Southwest already controls 80% capacity at DAL with 16 out of 20 gates which accounts for little competition. The two gates should go to Virgin America to provide competition as well as bringing a service to DAL that Southwest does not offer.
It makes zero sense for Southwest to fly out of DFW. Hubs (and yes DAL is a "hub") require connecting traffic--that's how AA can fly as much out of DFW as it does. Southwest has done an outstanding job building up DAL these last several years (I've connected several times thru DAL from Kansas City after the Wright Amendment was loosened several years back). Just look at what they've done to MDW, which was a sleepy backwater airport in the 80's. Ditto BWI
Seriously SWA... After all the fighting over the Wright Amendment and now you don't welcome the competition of another innovative airline. Honestly, I love both SWA and Virgin Air. I can't think of a better combination of airlines to have with the convenience of Love Field! Stop being a bully like AA!
Southwest Airlines has done more by far for Love Field and the City of than Virgin will and can ever do! You speak of the Wright Amendment but where was Virgin during fight to set Love free? Not in Dallas, not caring about our situation and not contributing a dime to the solution. Richard Branson's presence, faux cowboy attire and string of events in Dallas was disrespectful. This guy has never publicly been to our great city to visit and immerse himself into the culture, they figured that he would help close the deal! Flying out of DFW will never happen for Southwest, it not their style. They prefer thesmaller airports to enhance their customer service experience. I'm looking forward to nonstop flights so I don't have to travel in a large congested airport. If Virgin wants more gates they need to talk to DFW and leave Love alone.
Clearly, you didn't read the information Southwest provided. The Southwest share of the Dallas air market is quite small compared with American. Giving these 2 gates to Southwest increases competition. Virgin already has 2 gates starting in October. Southwest needs the gates to provide competitive service and non-stop flights for Dallas area flyers. We need more gates for Southwest Southwest is a local airline good for the Texas economy. An SMU alumnus, Dallas resident.
This is eye opening. American Airlines has 118 gates in the market, compared to only 18 for Southwest. With all due respects, those who think Southwest is wrong to seek the additional two gates at Love Field should study the chart above. Southwest has long been on the receiving end of anti-competive measures. Is there a link from which we can add our name to the growing chorus who is emailing the Dallas City Council? Thanks in advance.