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Carry on luggage size

New Arrival

My luggage is 24 inches tall but once I include the wheels it jumps to 26, will I have to check it in? I have a smaller suitcase but then that means I'll need a backpack or tote bag instead of just my purse. Trying to avoid that. 


Re: Carry on luggage size

Rising Star

Hi  Prettypinkowl14,


If the bag is longer than 24 inches, it may not fit in the overhead bin. If the flight isn't too crowded, you might be able to put the bag in the overhead bin sideways, and that would work. You can always bring your bag through security to the gate area and give it a try. The Customer Service Agents or Flight Attendants will let you know if the bag is too large, and then it will be gate checked. If that happens, you'll just go and retrieve it from baggage claim once you land at your destination. 


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Re: Carry on luggage size

New Arrival

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Thanks PPO